When you wake up to that great email

By February 16, 2016 UX Blog No Comments

This morning when I woke up, two wonderful emails were awaiting me in my inbox. The first was an email from Dribbble, which that Jimmy Lee Skrufve had drafted me for Dribbble. It’s safe to say that I was more than over the moon.

I have been sending out portfolios and spamming people’s twitter feeds for the last few days to potential drafters, looking for an invite to Dribbble, and low and behold, the hard work paid off.


Dearesy Jimmy, I won’t let you down.

I think that Dribbble is a great place for designers of all shapes and sizes (which reminds me of this tweet from David Delahunty) to view others’ work and receive some top feedback. On writing out a list of goals for the year earlier this week, being drafted for Dribbble was one of them, and I’m glad it is off the list already. It means I can focus on posting great work, and getting wonderful feedback from others within the community.