These are small one-evening workshop design sessions featuring some of my greatest friends and designers. The aim of these sessions together are to try out new design methods, processes and techniques in collaboration to further our skills as designers. I challenge everyone that comes to this page to do their own #lampsidedesign session. Have fun perusing!

It’s hot on the Press!

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I’m really excited about 2016, for one reason in particular. This is my first year out of university, which means that it is time that its high time I find my own means of learning, shaping, and growing. This is where #lampsidedesign comes in. This is the the first year I have been away from some of the closest friends I have met in during my Design days at TU Delft. Over the past two years, I have met some amazing peeps, who also happen to be designers. Wanting to stay in contact, and improve our design and collboration skills, 2016 is going to be a joint year of growing.

I’ve decided I’m going to ask a friend to join in on a design question with me, and we are going to work together on something for two hours.

We’ll post the outcome no matter how crazy, and see where it leads us!

The first friend I have asked to join me is Jenn Wong. Hailing from Caly, Jenn is an amazing Interaction designer and I am blessed to have her as a friend. Stay tuned!