Strategic Design | 2012
Delft, Netherlands with research performed in Stuttgart, Germany

What will transport look like in 2030? Daimler approached us asking us what the future of transport would like in the upcoming years for digital business travellers.

We were asked to develop a premium rental car service that incorporated the trends and relevant interests of those in 2030.

PROCESS Identifying potential trends for the future, the team created consumer behaviour patterns for the year 2030. From here, a potential autonomous car interior and exterior were created,

along with a business model and implementation plan coupled with a user experience strategy for the concept.

TOOLS AND METHODS Consumer behaviour Research, market research, business model canvas,

SCOPE Automotive, Design Research, User experience Design, Strategy, Service Design

TEAM Selmer Veningam Laurens de Rijke, Paul Bernhard


Ir. Erik Roscam Abbing (Professor, TU Delft)
Dr.Anja C. Hofmann (Daimler)