Sustainable Startups | 2012
Sydney, Australia

RECOGNITION Finalist in UTS Entrepreneurship competition

Green Receipts is a personal project that was initiated after realising that Sydney has a waste problem. “Would you like your receipt” is never a question that is posed to sydneysiders when shopping.

By automatically handing a paper receipt to the customer, the shop is creating perhaps unnecessary waste. Therefore, Green Receipts created a cardless receipt system that is sustainable for Sydney in the long run.

PROCESS This was the first Service Design project that either Jen or myself had participated in. The first time you know you want to create a service or product, you have an idea, but you don’t know what to do with it.

That was what we experienced, and googling ‘how to make a business plan’ was the first step for us to go from idea, to go. The duo did an analysis on the current receipt problems within Sydney, had in-depth interviews, and prototyped the service.

The website is attached to the the Green Receipts card, and allows customers to keep track of their previous purchases.

Customers are also signed up to a rewards program which gives you the ability to receive discounts, the more they use the card.

CO-FOUNDER Jennifer Brown

SCOPE Sustainability, Apps, Business Modelling, Personal Project

TAKE AWAY Learning is always a process, and that it is always hardest the first time.