Design Consultancy Entrepreneurship | 2014
Delft, The Netherlands

RECOGNITION Nominated among Top 3 projects throughout the course

The team created an online start-up company that had a focus on small entrepreneurs within the retail pop-up industry. #popup is an online retail design platform for shop-in-shops.

Creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals can initiate online stores that are restricted to limited-time offers. #popup chooses a selection of the best stores to be promoted within the site. 

PROCESS Through a research on current social and technology trends, namely popup stores, social media and online shopping, the team quickly established a market opportunity and developed a business from this. The quick and easy set up for online stores, combined with interesting online publicity gives the start-up an interesting edge. Over seven weeks, the team developed a business plan consisting of areas including vision and elevator pitch, long-term strategy, and target market.

This lead to discovering client needs, a solid value proposition and interesting competitor analysis.  The team defined a possible sales process and ways of customer accrual and retention. Within the final weeks, the team created an ideal company culture and identity, and potential turnover, profit and loss potential. The team was up-beat and enthusiastic which helped the outcome and success of the project.   

WEBSITE #Popup launches new entrepreneurs and allows netizens to purchase products within a limited defined time period.

This allows brands to expand their name, extending their online publicity, whilst the purchasers promote the brand through specialised exclusive and unique products.

SCOPE Entrepreneurship, E-Business, Start-up

TEAM Katherine Nieto Toro, Dennis Blok, Marius Rijksen

GUIDANCE FROM Ries Meertens (Designer & entrepreneur)

TOOLS AND METHODS USED Business model Canvas, SWOT Analysis, Strategic Business Model, Porter’s 5 Forces, Blue Ocean, cash flows, financial forecast

Creating your own start-up is more difficult than it first appears, I’m not joking.