Designers as Strategists | 2014
Delft, The Netherlands

RECOGNITION Noted Distinction by faculty

To promote designers’ capabilities as strategists, team Priva created a short documentary concerning Priva; a world leader in equipment and software of climate and process control for indoor environments.

The documentary created, informs the viewer on how strategy is currently implemented at Priva, and will be used as a tool within the company to create rich discussions about how the climate change company can change implement design thinking within their strategy to create effective working conditions throughout projects.

PROCESS After working within this team, I have realised how project planning wonderful team dynamics can result in efficient work ethics and positive project outcomes. The team created an interview guide together, splitting into smaller groups to film different stakeholders within the business.

Apart from the interviews, my role was to focus on and background research on design thinking and how it relates to the company. During the end stages of the project, I collaborated with fellow team member, Karan to manage the revised film clips; editing them so that the most information was present within the documentary with After Effects and Premiere.

TEAM Jessica Sicking, Karan Shah, Myron Koster, Laura Engelshove


TOOLS AND METHODS In-depth interviews, Case Study

SCOPE Strategy, Design Thinking, Design Research, Innovation, Motion Graphics & Editing

TAKEAWAY Companies must find a balance between management and design. Working within interdisciplinary teams forces you to change your way of thinking, and to be effective in your work, you must learn to empathise with other points of view.  

GUIDANCE FROM  Dr. David Dunne (Professor, RSM Toronto), Frido Smulders (Professor, TU Delft)