Vision in Product Design | 2013
Delft, The Netherlands

RECOGNITION Printed in Job Satisfaction in Vocational Education: Eighteen ideas to improve the teacher-student relationship

ROC Mondriaan currently has a problem between trying to bridge the gap between ever aging professors, and youth who, from their eyes are forever getting younger. Their relationship can be tense at times, and the school feels that teachers have lost their passion to teach, with constant new legislations and students being filtered through the system.

Therefore, we were asked to create a product that would help this problem. From this, the wall of average was created as a new interaction device for students and teachers.

PROCESS I looked at exterior factors that are outside the context of school environment, and came from a broad rage of beliefs, opinions, thoughts, theories, observations etc. From here, I sought to see how these factors would influence the topic, and came up with a statement “I want teachers to be motivated by allowing students to be aware of their own reality”. The Wall of average was finally created, as a reaction to this statement. Students today are able to see what is amazing in everybody else, but not the potential in their own lives.

This concept was derived from the idea of celebrating those that are amazing at certain areas by placing their names on an honour roll, and chastising those that are bad in areas by making them repeat the activity over and over, or telling them to give up.People know what they are good at. They even know what they are bad at, however it takes time to sit back and think ‘hey, I’m just average at that’.

The wall of average aims to push students out of their comfort zone, and reflect on what they are average at, as today’s society glamourises the positive, and demonises the negative, however everyday things should also be acknowledged.

By first motivating students to show their normality,the wall hopes to respark their willingness to learn within classroom environments, therefore recreating teachers’ willingness to teach.

METHOD USED Vision in Product design

TAKEAWAY Understanding the trends & issues existing behind a problem, and identifying possible products and services from these

SCOPE VIP Method, Industrial Design, Vocational Education

ROC Mondriaan

GUIDANCE FROM Dr. ir. Nynke Tromp (Professor, TU Delft) & Dr. Paul Hekkert (Professor, TU Delft)

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