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ft. Munich’s Jenn Wong

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#Lampsidedesign’s first designer collaboration happened via setting up under the name last week!!!! (Have I mentioned how much I love

It featured designer and researcher, Jenn Wong from Commerce Tools, located smack bang in Germany’s tech capital – Munich. Jenn is a good friend of mine, and she did her thesis on humanising smart cities; being able to co-develop and design their surrounding (urban) environments. It was a great video session, where we discussed and challenged or current knowledge of globalised digital products.

With inspiration from organisations such as Ulaszek’s UX for Good, it seems simple, we need to do something. How can digital designers collaborate towards social good? We will be tackling these types of questions in the upcoming weeks of #lampsidedesign.

over and out.

The deep underground of Berlin

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I have travelled around various cities, and after being in Berlin for a number of months, I realise how simple it is to travel around the local city transport system. In this blog’s photo – take a look at their signage when walking down the stairs. Take a look at Thailand’s local transport maps at their stations, and how they simply convey a message without having to understand the local language.

When you wake up to that great email

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This morning when I woke up, two wonderful emails were awaiting me in my inbox. The first was an email from Dribbble, which that Jimmy Lee Skrufve had drafted me for Dribbble. It’s safe to say that I was more than over the moon.

I have been sending out portfolios and spamming people’s twitter feeds for the last few days to potential drafters, looking for an invite to Dribbble, and low and behold, the hard work paid off.


Dearesy Jimmy, I won’t let you down.

I think that Dribbble is a great place for designers of all shapes and sizes (which reminds me of this tweet from David Delahunty) to view others’ work and receive some top feedback. On writing out a list of goals for the year earlier this week, being drafted for Dribbble was one of them, and I’m glad it is off the list already. It means I can focus on posting great work, and getting wonderful feedback from others within the community.


Twitter knows all

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It seems Twitter either has a bug tonight, that or… or it really does know the consequences of following them. The third option however, is that I speak horrible, horrible German, and “follow” actually means consequences. Well then!

It’s hot on the Press!

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I’m really excited about 2016, for one reason in particular. This is my first year out of university, which means that it is time that its high time I find my own means of learning, shaping, and growing. This is where #lampsidedesign comes in. This is the the first year I have been away from some of the closest friends I have met in during my Design days at TU Delft. Over the past two years, I have met some amazing peeps, who also happen to be designers. Wanting to stay in contact, and improve our design and collboration skills, 2016 is going to be a joint year of growing.

I’ve decided I’m going to ask a friend to join in on a design question with me, and we are going to work together on something for two hours.

We’ll post the outcome no matter how crazy, and see where it leads us!

The first friend I have asked to join me is Jenn Wong. Hailing from Caly, Jenn is an amazing Interaction designer and I am blessed to have her as a friend. Stay tuned!



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Hello so-to-be ravishing design tribe.

By the end of the year, I want to be able to say “I have improved on the usability of my design since last year.” But how will that actually go down. Well, I have a few ideas.

Find other like minded people. Whether it be on or articles from Nielsen Norman, writing articles on Medium, updating my Behance or starting a Dribbble, I plan to take in a lot this year. 2016, I have big expectations for you.

2015 was great. I finished (13 + 6 + 2) 21 years of education, and I still feel like I don’t have an extensive knowledge about anything in particular. Currently, I post my ramblings over at Blogspot (so 2000’s right?), however I’m slowly realising that to engage those that I look to for inspiration and motivation, I will need to go to them. Hence my move to Medium / this blog. The internet is a wonderful way to connect great designers, but I’m not in contact with these wonderful people yet. I will find them though, give it time. By getting in contact with these people, I’ll start to form a solid network of go-to people I can get advice from. Dearest Blogspot, it has been great. For those that want to see my previous ramblings, feel free to head over to Red Rabbit.

We all know keeping up a presence online is going to take quite a bit of work. I must admit, I don’t like writing, but I am going to love clicking on that “Publish” button over and over again.


I have much more to say, but I will let my later posts do the talking.

Cheerio for now.